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A new and less crowded destination, Boise is more than the biggest producer of potatoes in the world. Visit the city in summer and enjoy the famous Shakespeare festival. Boise is a beautiful city situated in the Rocky Mountains. It has many fun and adventurous destinations that attract tourists from many countries every year, both national and international.

If you enjoy epic hikes into crowd-accessible wilderness, Boise has the Rocky Mountains, or you can visit Bogus Basin in winter to ski in the white snow. We have come up with some exclusive discounts on flights to Boise.

The best part about Boise is that it offers something to all its visitors; whether you are coming with your family and friends or are on a romantic getaway, this city never disappoints its visitors. In addition to many family attractions, the city also has historical sites and museums for art and culture lovers and many adventurous destinations, which are a treasure trove for adrenaline junkies.

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The Greenbelt or downtown Boise offers a great biking experience, and exploring the city on a bike is undoubtedly something special. The town provides some delicious foods, some of which are locally produced and prepared to have the taste of Boise. There are many more things to explore in the city, and you must visit the place to embrace its beauty.


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Best time to visit in Boise

Boise can be considered the best to visit throughout the year. Summer and winter both benefit Boise, while in the months from March to May, this city has a temperature perfect for outdoor activities. One may also like to visit Boise in winter as skiing on the white snow is famous in the city during these months.

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Boise Airlines fly to/from Boise

Many top airlines are flying to/from the city of Boise. Being a tourist place, the airports of the city are often busy hosting many airlines known for their world-class services. Take a look at the list below before flying on your favourite airline:


Boise has one major international airport and some other airports near the city. The main airport in Boise is Boise Air Terminal; along with this, we have also given the name of some airports that are near the town and can be used as an alternative.

  • Boise Airport
  • Friedman Memorial Airport
  • McCall Municipal Airport
  • Idaho Falls Regional Airport
flights to boise

Direct Flights To Boise?

Airlines From To Duration
Delta, American Seattle Boise 1hr 28m
United, Southwest Denver Boise 2hr 08m
Delta Airlines Salt Lake City Boise 1hr 20m
Alaska, American, Southwest Phoenix Boise 2hr 15m
Alaska, United San Francisco Boise 1hr 46m
Alaska, Spirit, Southwest Las Vages Boise 1hr 50m

How to reach Boise

The Boise airport is a host to many airlines which are flying across the globe. You can easily reach Boise on flights coming to the city from around the world. cheap flights to Boise using our website and easily reach Boise. You can also use other airports near the city to get to Boise.

Which are the best places to visit in Boise?

As Boise has innumerable places to visit and explore, you might be confused about which to stay first. We have made this list of must-visit places so that you can choose your favourite from these destinations. At the same time, we only recommend leaving any site if you can always decide on the place of your choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Book Cheap Online Flights to Boise?

We all know the pain of searching for the cheapest flights but not anymore. We have come up with the most affordable flight fares in the market for all the classes, covering a large number of routes all around the world. We have made booking a cheap flight a stress-free and easy process for you, visit our website and select the one you like, or you can also contact our customer care to know about the latest discount offered by the company.

What are the things to do at Boise Airport?

While Boise airport is open 24 hours a day, it could be more conducive to overnight sleeping. Passengers are not allowed to sleep airside after the last flight for the night arrives for the night and must move to the landslide until security opens the following day. Although like all other major airports, there are many options to eat, chill and shop.

What is the name of Boise Airport?

The name of the airport is Boise Airport Boise Air Terminal Gowen Field.

How to get through airport security faster when flying to Boise?

The airport highly encourages travellers to arrive two hours before departure. The airport is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It is the most active air terminal in the province of Idaho, serving a more significant number of travellers than any remaining Idaho air terminals consolidated and approximately ten-fold the number of travellers as Idaho's second most active air terminal, Idaho Falls Provincial Air terminal. You can do a couple of things to accelerate the interaction when it's your move.

  • Try not to bring denied things.
  • Place your compartments of fluid together in a resealable plastic sack to make it more straightforward and quicker for TSA to survey them.
  • Bring an endorsed type of distinguishing proof.
  • Because of conditions coming about because of the Coronavirus pandemic and the public crisis statement, the U.S. Branch of Country Security expanded the Genuine ID requirement cutoff time by a year.

How many airlines fly to Boise?

Alaska Airlines, SkyWest Airlines, Southwest Airlines, American Airlines, Horizon Air, Air Tahiti Nui, United and Delta all fly non-stop to Boise.

Who do I contact if I lose something at the airport?

If you lost an item onboard your aeroplane, contact your airline's lost & found department and if you lost an item at the TSA security checkpoint, call 208.338. 8261 toll number.

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