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Philippine Airlines

Philippine Airlines is a national airline of the Philippines that has non-stop flights to over 49 destinations. What's more, the airlines share a code share agreement with several airlines to conduct more flying operations. It was formed in 1941, the airline is considered one of the oldest airlines in Asia and used Manila as its primary hub. The core group of management is rowing the airline towards a sustainable organization and looks actively to reduce its carbon footprint. Services of the airline are distinguished and rated highly by Skytrax, once you have boarded, the Philippine airlines set the seal on quality in the sky.


  • Business Cabin: It is a flagship cabin product and is provided on short-haul, medium-haul, and long-haul flights. Toiletry bags are reserved only for medium-haul and short-haul flights whereas ife screens are given in selected fleets. Seats are provided with a canopy and semi-enclosed design to curb any encroachment on the traveler's privacy. Lastly, the meal services comprise exquisite entrees, main dishes, desserts, and a variety of drinks that are being prepared by the Philippine top chefs.
  • Premium Economy: It is equipped on selected aircraft, and has a similar design to the economy cabin. Seats are much more spacious than the economy model and have more legroom, width, and seat pitch. Meals in this cabin are complimentary which include 2 meal services, drinks, and snacks.
  • Economy Cabin: Also known as Fiesta Class, the economy cabin of the Philippine airlines offers a 30-34 seat pitch range, a tray table, avod screens to all seats, a USB socket, a headphone jack, and a 4-way headrest. Seats are well cushioned from the bottom and carry a comfort factor that passengers rarely find in the economy cabins.


  • Carry-on Luggage: One carry-on luggage item along with one personal item is allowed under this policy. Personal item lists comprise a raincoat, a purse, a small camera or binoculars, reading material, a laptop, and a briefcase. a 45-inch linear dimension is allowed for the carry-on bag and the maximum weight is 15 lbs.
  • Assistive Devices: Assistive items are allowed onboard without any charges for handicapped passengers.
  • Lap Infant Policy: Under this, infants are allowed to carry one diaper, stroller, or car seat without any charges.
  • Checked Luggage: This policy fare directly depends on the route and cabin fare. Different countries, states within countries, and regions have their laws, to which Philippine airlines had adjusted its checked baggage policies.
  • To/from Hawaii: Each passenger is allowed 2 checked bags with dimensions of 62 inches and a weight of 70 lbs per bag in the economy and business cabins. The total dimension of the checked bag for the economy cabin is 107 dimensions.
  • To/from the USA excluding Hawaii, Canada, and Guam: Piece system is used here. 2 pieces of baggage allowance weighing 50 lb and dimensions of 62 inches are allowed.
  • To/from countries excluding USA and Canada: Its checked bag policy is based on a weight system. The economy cabin permits 44 lb weight allocation free of cost whereas the business cabin permits 66 lb.

    • Airport Check in: Arrive at the airport at least 3 hours before and check in with the airport staff with all your luggage and immigration/identity proof details. Then once the staff checks everything is okay, you will be given your boarding pass.
    • Mobile App Check in: Passengers can also avail of check in via mobile app of the airlines by submitting all the flying info and in the process obtaining the boarding pass.
    • Web Check in: This check-in is done on the Philippine airline given at the check-in menu on the homepage. Just provide all your luggage and id details and you are good to go.


    • Head to the reservation web page of Philippine Airlines From there go to the booking menu or the booking form.
    • Enter your excursion details on the booking form, or booking menu, the results will present several flight options.
    • Select the feasible flight option and click on the continue button.
    • Now, fill in your personal details for the itinerary form and it includes info such as your name, assistive devices. supple check, age, gender, luggage, cabin preference, etc.
    • From there you will be moved to the payment page once you have given all the required info.
    • Fill in the debit card or credit card or any other given mode of payment, make the payment and procure your air tickets.

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