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Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines was formed under the strategic leadership of pioneers who envision this airline to be a premium accessory to all folk looking for a lavish flight experience. It is a part of Star Alliance. Schedule and non-schedule services and other segments of areas are the main operational areas of Singapore airlines. Singapore Airlines flies to at least 150 destinations that include both domestic & international cities. The fleet capacity is around 150 air carriers and consists mainly of the airbus and Boeing air carrier series. Cabin crew is centered around Singapore girls and comes as one of the zeal & warmth cabin crew services in the business to ease the passenger journey.

Major flying destinations Singapore airlines operate in are as follows: London, Paris, New York, Toronto, Rome, Calgary, Milan, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Frankfurt, Munich, and Singapore.


  • Singapore Airlines Suites: This suite is an older variant that is attached with several opulent features and gives an emphatic touch to the passenger air journey. You can comfortably lie on the spacious seating cabin has to offer, dine-in restaurant-style meals, indulge in several entertainment options, sip on exotic drinks, rest your body with massage and duvet features, and any given time, chat up your worries with Singapore airlines cabin crew.
  • First Class: Singapore airline’s first-class cabin offers a luxurious experience. The interior from top to the bottom is filled with the latest tech and modern-day airplane features. The passenger on arrival is welcomed with champagne or soft drinks and is given the finest of meals to savor their appetite. Seats are imbued with door features so that passengers can have total control over their privacy matters. There is no need to be sulking over long queues in the waiting room as each passenger has direct aisle access. Rest is a significant part of any air journey, considering that the airline has duvets as well as a massage system to ensure the journey is well taken.
  • Business Class: Singapore airline’s business class is aptly built. It is a premium suite that comes with a lot of features to give a kingly feel to the passengers. Right from the start, the passenger doesn't have to wait in long queues busines class has its own separate check-in points and if the need arises they can lounge in business lounges. Snacks and meals are exclusive and included in both airport and plane amenities. The interior of the cabin is spacious and is residing some of the best utilities to alleviate passenger journey.
  • Premium Economy: This cabin suite is selectively available and is subject to what route and carrier are taken. Facilities are of premium quality and have more accreditations than the economy cabin. Passengers can indulge in a plethora of utilities such as Wi-Fi connectivity, satellite radio, AVOD, amenity kits, wider seating room, gadget charging, luscious meals, spirits, beverages, and snacks.
  • Economy Class: Singapore airline’s economy class is a product of both longer and shorter flights. The seat space is compact and doesn’t provide additional add-ons except for charging ports, winged headrest, and back support. Media options include flicks, tv-series, interacting games, and music stations. A meal option is given to passengers taking a long flight while snacks and drinks are served on medium and shorter flights route.


  • Carry-on Baggage: Economy class passengers can avail of one personal item and one carry-on bag (weighing up to 15 pounds) free of cost whereas business and first-class passengers can avail of one personal item and two carry-on bags (weighing up to 15 pounds) free of cost. The size restriction for the personal items and carry-on bags is 40 x 30 x10 cm and 45 cm linear respectively.
  • Lap Infant Policy: A collapsible stroller, as well as infant amenities not exceeding the size of 13.2 pounds, is permissible.
  • Checked Baggage ( all flights except to/from the USA): The checked bag should not exceed 158 cm in size. Weight of economy, premium economy, business, Suites & first should not exceed 77 pounds, 77 pounds, 88 pounds, and 110 pounds respectively.
  • Checked Baggage ( to/from the USA): Passenger is allowed 2 checked bags to board on all cabin classes. The checked bag should not exceed 158 cm in size. Weight of economy, premium economy, business, Suites & first should not exceed 50 pounds, 50 pounds, 70 pounds, and 70 pounds respectively.


  • Web Checkin: Go to the official website of Singapore airlines and do the mandatory check-in process. It has to be done at least 24 hours before the departure time and on completion, the user can download his/her boarding pass.
  • Kiosk Checkin: There are designated touch screen device at airport terminals that allows passengers to do self checkins without waiting in long queues and get the boarding pass.
  • Airport desks: The easiest way to checkin is to go to the designated airline's desk at the airport terminal, fill in the personnel with booking details, and get the boarding pass. You may have to wait in a long queue of people.


  • Head to the official reservation website of Singapore airlines either through your PC or laptop or tablet or smartphone.
  • Proceed to the top of the landing page, fill in your excursion details on the booking option, and move towards the flights' page.
  • The flight page will show you a rundown of flight options matching your excursion details.
  • Select the best-suited option and click on the enter button.
  • Your webpage will direct you to the itinerary page. Fill in the personal details required to process your itinerary card and then move to the payment method.
  • Enter your preferred mode of payment and complete the payment process.
  • As your payment is completed, the booking id along with the itinerary card will be sent to your enlisted mobile number and email id.


  • Hong Kong to Jakarta
  • London to Sydney
  • London to Melbourne
  • Brisbane to London

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