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Halloween Day Flight Deals

What is Halloween Day and why is it celebrated?

Considered to be the spookiest festival of the year, Halloween Day is celebrated all around the globe with full enthusiasm. It basically marks the end of the harvest season and also the end of summer months. Originated from Samhain, the traditional Greek festival, Halloween word has been derived from the Scottish term “All Hallows Eve,” which is basically considered to be the evening before the All Saints Day. This is a common belief that on this day, dead souls become active and adversely affect the lives of the living souls. So, in order to scare the dead souls or evil spirits, people do dress up like monsters or demons. Apart from getting donned up like the evil dead, another common custom that is being practiced is the lighting of the bonfires and throwing the bones of the dead animals into it. Off-lately, it has become a day of celebration and people from all across the globe love to take part in its activities, be it dressing up like vampires, ghosts, ghouls, werewolves, or witches.

How to grab Halloween Day Flight Deals?

On this day, people love to enjoy the holiday with full power and enthusiasm. They often tend to go to cities where the celebrations of Halloween Day remain at peak. And, if you are also one of those who are looking for Halloween Day Flights to escape to those cities where you can celebrate the festival to the fullest then you are at the right place. We, at Airowings, offer special occasional discounts for Halloween Day to you on each flight ticket booking. Our discounts are exclusive and you can easily grab them without any hassles.

Popular Destination to go on Halloween Day:

The most popular destinations to go on the occasion of Halloween Day have been enlisted-below. We have come up with this list after comparing a lot of destinations. You can take a look:

Salem, USA :

Popularly called “the Witch City,” Salem in USA hold a spooky past as it is said to be once the home to 19 unfortunate people who were accused of being witches. And, their stories are still alive in museums and memorials of Salem. Despite now being a peaceful place, Salem seems to be waking up on Halloween every year. The celebration on this day at Salem includes psychic readings, haunted cruising, ghost tours, and many more.

Tokyo, Japan

Unlike other cities, the celebration of Halloween in Tokyo is more like an electrified street party. On this day, the city brings out the creativity and takes it to another level. You would love to be here specially if you are willing to spend some chilled-out moments here. It also hosts the world-renowned Kawasaki Halloween Parade, and you just cannot afford to miss that.

Oaxaca, Mexico

The city of Oaxaca in Mexico quite differently celebrates the festival of Halloween. While other parts of the world often get indulged in dealing with the evil souls, people of Oaxaca believe in paying tribute to those who are no more with them. And, it is a tradition that dates back to not less 3000 years ago. Apart from that, families decorate the houses and cemeteries do come alive here.

Major Airlines that offer Halloween Flight Deals:

Some of the major airlines that you can opt for booking flights for Halloween Day include:

  • Westjet Airlines
  • Frontier Airlines
  • Spirit Airlines
  • Philippine Airlines
  • Emirates Airlines

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