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About Ethiopian Airlines

Ethiopian Airlines is a reputable airline with its flight operation running globally invoking furnished air journey experience through it. Its methodology is simple, provides quality flying operations, and gets loyal customers and goodwill. The airline was set up by individuals, who foresee this organization as a sustainable and accessible flying company. Onwards of its formation, the airline has achieved tremendous heights and succeeded in becoming a people-oriented and sustainable airline. Its frequent flyer program is called ShebaMiles and flies to 127 passenger destinations and 29 cargo cities.

Ethiopian Airlines Types Of Cabins

Cloud Nine: It is Ethiopian airlines' business class cabin fitted with world class luxuries, ensuring air commuting is a lavish experience for travelers. Amenities feature extra storage space, swiveling seats, ac and usb power charging, flat lie beds, full recline support on the standing chair mode, and 15.4-inch ife screens set up.

Economy Class: Depending on the route, passengers boarding this cabin are served a variety of meals ranging from light dishes to hot meals and snacks. There is reclining seat support, on-demand AVOD constituting 80 channels, and charging sockets.

Ethiopian Airlines Baggage Policy

Carry-on Baggage: Passenger is allowed to bring one carry-on bag in the economy class and two carry-on bags if traveling the cloud nine cabin. In addition to that, passengers can also carry one personal item which includes a laptop, an overcoat, blanket, baby seat, or duty-free items. Each bag's weight must not exceed 7 kg and the dimensions must not exceed 23 x 40 x 55 cm.

Checked Baggage: Route and cabin class decides your checked baggage allowance.

Domestic Routes: Economy cabins grant 20 kg of checked bag items and business cabins grant 30 kg.

To/from Bahrain, Doha, Kuwait, and Muscat except for the US destinations: Economy cabins grant 40 kg of checked bag items and the business cabins grant 2 checked bags items weighing 32 kg or 3 checked bags items weighing 23 kg.

To/from China: Economy cabins grant 46 kg of checked bag items and business cabins grant 2 checked bags items weighing 32 kg or 3 checked bags weighing 23 kg.

All other routes: Economy cabins grant 2 checked bags weighing 23 kg and the business cabins grant 2 checked bags items weighing 32 kg or 3 checked bags items weighing 23 kg.

Ethiopian Airlines Check-in Policy

Web Check-in: Travelers can directly go to Ethiopian airlines' reservation page and check in there without any ado which travelers face frequently in airport visits. Just provide your baggage details online along with ticket details and immigration assortment and you are ready to go.

Airport Check-in: For this checkin option, travelers need to visit the airport at least 3 hours before the departure time and provide all the assortments they have with them to the airport staff. Once everything is in line with the airport policies, you will be given your boarding pass.

App Check-in: Android/iPhone users can check in through the Ethiopian airlines official app by logging in as a member or guest.

How To Book Ethiopian Airlines Flights?

  • Head to the Ethiopian airlines reservation page.
  • Enter your excursion details on the booking form and then proceed to the flights' page.
  • On the flights' page, select the flight option that matches your travel needs.
  • Now move on to the itinerary page, and enter the personal information required by the Ethiopian airlines flight booking.
  • Personal details include name, age, gender, supple check, assistive device check, stroller check, cabin preference, personal id, passport details, etc.
  • Agree to the Ethiopian airlines terms and conditions.
  • Make the payment on the payment gateway page by entering your debit or credit card details.
  • As the payment is successful, the ticket confirmation number will be communicated to your phone number along with the itinerary form.
Frequently Asked Questions
What is the best day to book Ethiopian Airlines Tickets?
The best day to book a flight on Ethiopian Airlines is on Tuesday, as you can easily get the cheapest prices and special offers on this day.
How to find cheap Ethiopian Airlines flight tickets?
To find cheap Ethiopian Airlines flights, there are many options available. Buying through OTAs such as Airowings can help you get many Ethiopian Airlines promo codes and offers. And applying them can provide you with great deals and discounts on your journey.
How early can I book an Ethiopian Airline flight ticket?
One can check-in 48 hours to 2 hours before the departure for international flights and 24 hours to 2 hours for domestic departures.
What is Ethiopian Airlines Shebamiles program?
With the Shebamiles program of Ethiopian Airlines, travelers get additional benefits. The more Status Miles travelers earn in a given program calendar year, the higher their membership tier. Each Status Mile they earn is valid within the program calendar year it is earned.
Are Ethiopian Airlines flight tickets cheaper at the airport?
If you’re booking an Ethiopian Airlines Ticket from the airport, be prepared to make a good effect on your pocket. Online bookings can help you save more on airfare, as the booking sites offer various deals and discounts, and even promo codes while booking.

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