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Hawaiian Airlines

Hawaiian Airlines, based in Honolulu, is the largest airline in the Hawaii state, and the 10th largest in the US. It offers non-stop flying services to/from Hawaii from foreign destinations and the mainland US covering a total of 32 destinations. Its fleet size is 61 and its main hubs are Maui & Honolulu, through which the airline operates its majority of functions. Besides its main hubs, the Hawaiian airlines operate a base in Los Angeles and it flies to destinations such as America, Australia, Samo, Honolulu, Asia, and New Zealand. Its products and services are rated 4-star by Skytrax.


  • Premium Cabin: Hawaiian Airline premium cabin offers you immense relaxation and the highest level of comfort. The interior of the cabin is inspired by the Hawaiian island texture, you will be mesmerized and feel nestled in Hawaii already. Seats are flexible in design, can recline fully on standing mode, can transform into a fully-fledged flatbed on lie mode, and have premium bedding. Meal services feature world class cuisines put together by Hawaii's top chefs.
  • Extra Comfort: Treat yourself in style with the extra comfort cabin of the Hawaiian airlines. Everything in this comfort station is extra comfort. Seats are extra comfort, then there is more legroom to accommodate your lower body and, lastly priority services as an added value. LCD screens lashed with ife to take care of entertainment needs will be there. Meals include a variety of eateries items and a variety of drinks.
  • Main Cabin: It is a budgeted main cabin affixed with basic amenities but still possesses the heart of Hawaiian hospitality. Its services include in-flight entertainment, complimentary meals, snacks and beverages, and seat charging. Travelers have the option of selecting a Main Cabin basic, Main Cabin, or Main Cabin preferred seats at the time of Hawaiian airlines booking.


  • Carry-on Baggage: One personal item and one carry-on bag are allowed free of cost, any additional bag will cost more. A Carry-on bag must not exceed a weight of 25 pounds and a dimension of 22 x 14 x 9 inches.
  • Checked Baggage: Premium cabin passengers are allowed to carry 2 checked bags without any cost, a third one will cost between $50 to $150. Main cabin fares do not include any free checked baggage. All bags must not exceed a weight of 50 pounds and a dimension of 67 linear inches.


  • Airport Checkin: Passengers boarding Hawaiian airlines domestic or international flights need to come to the airport at least 3 hours before the departure. Then provide all necessary papers and luggage information, see any alterations or upgrades with the staff if required, and then he/she can proceed with the boarding pass.
  • Web Checkin: With this checkin, passengers can check in directly at the airline website and log in all their flying details. After that, you will be able to download the boarding pass and board the flight.


  • Go to the Hawaiian airlines' webpage, proceed to the booking menu, and enter your voyage details.
  • Voyage details include departure city, arrival city, cabin class, number of passengers, one way flight, round way, etc. Then hit the continue button once you have selected all booking filters.
  • Now you are on to the flight page. Select the flight option that matches your travel requirements. Then continue to the itinerary page.
  • Fill in your itinerary details such as name, email id, cabin class, age, gender, assistive device, supple check, passport number, photo id, etc.
  • After that, agree to the terms and conditions.
  • Now, enter your payment method. You can choose a debit card or credit card or internet banking method to make your ticket booking.
  • As the payment is cleared, a ticket confirmation number along with an itinerary card will be sent to your phone number and email id.

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