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About Cathay Pacific Airways

Cathay Pacific Airways is a Hong Kong based airline with its major operations running out of Hong Kong International Airport. With services over to 168 destinations in 42 countries, the airline fulfills travel requirements ranging from high airfare to low airfare via a robust fleet comprising carrier products from Airbus and Boeing. The airline's motto is to provide Hong Kong state with different air routes ensuring tourism in the state is taken care of. It is part of Star Alliance and OneWorld, from which the airline operates to even more destinations and runs a booking pact via common marketing. Air Hong Kong and HK Express are the two subsidies of Cathay Pacific through which the airlines run their domestic operations.

Cathay Pacific Airways Types Of Cabins

First Class: The first class cabin seats are enclosed in private chambers which on a click of a button are transformable into a fully fledged bed, they have swiveling seat feature and have in-seat power. In-flight entertainment services of this cabin constitute LCD screens infused with avod feature, noise canceling headphones, and sports & fashion magazines. For the meals and drinks, the traveler is served 3 meal courses on a tray supplemented with a number of snacks items.

Business Class: Business class comfort station is fitted with reverse herringbone seats that have a flat lie seat convertible feature and extra storage space for the passenger belongings. There is availability of USB and ac power charging given on a mechanical panel that is configured with a collapsible table thus making a makeshift arrangement to work for mobile station/food table. Lastly, the cabin has ife screens, radio music, and headphones to take care of your entertainment needs.

Regional Business Class: This business class cabin is reserved only for domestic routes and runs mainly on shorter journey routes. So accordingly services are provided with main focus on necessaries of shorter journeys. Its services include comfort seats, snacks & drinks, wider legroom, recline support, and charging points.

Premium Economy: This cabin model is an upgraded comfort station variant of the economy one, with seating coming in better and bigger sizes along with several other add-ons. There is extra storage space, a multi-port connector, a large meal table & cocktail table, and ife screens.

Economy Class: Cathay Pacific economy class seats have a few inches of recline, come in with a width of 44cm, and a seat pitch of 81 cm. Seats are slimmer with a reduced seat upholstered. Journey rode in this cabin is comfortable and well managed by the cabin crew. Lavatories include USB charging, a personal tv, a coat hook, avod, and more legroom.

Cathay Pacific Airways Baggage Policy

Carry-on Baggage Allowance: Most flight routes allow entry of one personal item and one carry-on bag without any extra charges. Size restriction for the personal item and carry-on bag is 6 x 12 x 16 inches and 22 x 14 x 9 inches respectively. The first/business cabins have a weight limit of up to 22/33 pounds and the economy cabin has a weight limit of up to 15 pounds

Carry-on Baggage Allowance (loyalty program): Marco Polo Silver and Gold members have an allowance of 22 pounds for the economy, premium economy and business cabin whereas for the first class they have an allowance of 33 pounds. Marco Polo Diamond members have an allowance of 33 pounds for economy, premium economy, and first class cabins.

Checked Baggage Allowance: A maximum linear dimension of 80 inches is permitted for all checked bags. Their quantity is decided by the route followed by the carrier.

  • Flights excluding the US, Auckland and Christchruch.
  • Economy cabins allow a maximum of 2 checked bags weighing 66 pounds.
  • Premium economy cabins allow a maximum of 2 checked bags weighing 77 pounds.
  • Business cabins allow a maximum of 2 checked bags weighing 88 pounds
  • First class cabins allow a maximum of 3 checked bags weighing 110 pounds.
  • Flights to/from the US, Canada, Central and South America
  • Economy cabins allow a maximum of 2 checked bags weighing 50 pounds.
  • Premium economy cabins allow a maximum of 2 checked bags weighing 55 pounds.
  • Business cabins allow a maximum of 2 checked bags weighing 70 pounds
  • First class cabins allow a maximum of 2 checked bags weighing 70 pounds.
  • Direct flights to/from Hong Kong and Auckland/Christchurch
  • Economy cabins allow a maximum of 1 checked bag weighing 50 pounds.
  • Premium economy cabins allow a maximum of 2 checked bags weighing 50 pounds.
  • Business cabins allow a maximum of 3 checked bags weighing 50 pounds.

Cathay Pacific Airways Check-in Policy

Web Check-in: Passengers can avoid the long queues of checkin lines at the airport by doing the web check in via the reservation webpage of airlines. They need to log in to the website checkin menu and give an account of all assortments they are carrying with them.

Airport Check-in: Users of android/iPhone mobile phones can check in with the official app of the airlines and download the boarding pass.

How To Book Cathay Pacific Airways Flights?

  • Head to the reservation webpage of the Cathay Pacific Airways www.cathaypacific.com
  • On the landing page, go to the booking form and enter your excursion details such as departure, arrival number of passengers, date, and time. Then hit enter.
  • Now you have arrived on the flights' page, move to select the best flight deals from the list.
  • In the wake of clicking the continue button, your webpage will take you to the itinerary page and prompt you to fill in personal details. After that agree to the terms and conditions and hop on to the payment gateway.
  • Make your payment through your preferred mode of payment and receive your ticket confirmation number along with the itinerary doc.
Frequently Asked Questions
What is the best day to book Cathay Pacific Airways Tickets?
The best day to book a flight on Cathay Pacific Airways is on Tuesday, as you can easily get the cheapest prices and special offers on this day.
How to find cheap Cathay Pacific Airways flight tickets?
To find cheap Cathay Pacific flights, there are many options available. Buying through OTAs such as Airowings can help you get many Cathay Pacific promo codes and offers. And applying them can provide you with great deals and discounts on your journey.
How early can I book a Cathay Pacific Airways flight ticket?
For Cathay and Oneworld members, check-in time is 48 hours before flight departure time. For rest, it's 24 hours before flight departure time.
What is Cathay Pacific Airways Frequent Flyer Program?
The Frequent Flyer program of Cathay Pacific is Asia Miles, which is a member of the Oneworld Alliance. The program has partnerships with many airlines, hotels & credit cards, thus offering incredible reward opportunities and attractive pricing.
Cathay Pacific Airways flight tickets cheaper at the airport?
If you’re booking a Cathay Pacific Ticket from the airport, be prepared to make a good effect on your pocket. Online bookings can help you save more on airfare, as the booking sites offer various deals and discounts, and even promo codes while booking.

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