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Taxes And Fees

Taxes and Fees

There will be certain charge, in the form of taxes by the government and fees charged by us, on every booking made by you on our website. Below, we have provided the details of the taxes and fees charged by us on different types of booking, that you have to pay.

Government Fees And Taxes

  • Flights to and from Alaska/Hawaii are charged $8.40 as Travel Facilities Tax and for all the flights routed within United States are charged $3.90 as US Federal Segment Fee.
  • On all flights routed to and from the United States, US Virgin Islands or Puerto Rico, $18.30 is charged as US International Transportation Tax and U.S. Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service Fee of $3.96 to o all flights originating abroad, except Canada, and landing in the United States, Puerto Rico, or the U.S. Virgin Islands.
  • A fee of $2.50 is charged as US Passenger Civil Aviation Security Fee, and it can be up to $10, depending on the total number of passengers boarding the flight and a charge of up to $18 is imposed as Passenger Facility Charge, which may vary depending on per itinerary.
  • A fee of $7.00 is charged to all international arrival as U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Fee and $5.65 as US Customs User Fee that is applicable to all international flights that are routed outside the custom territory.
  • US Excise Tax, this tax is applicable to all flights within the United States and also Canada/Mexico225-mile buffer zones. Its rate is 7.50% of the airfare and International Taxes and Government or Airport-imposed fees of up to $349* are charged to cover the various taxes levied as per the International norms.

Our Fees

On the basis of various factors, including cabin type, trip type and many others, we charge a service fee that range from $0 to $100 per person for all types of passengers.

Details Of Our Fees:

  • On Flight booking: A service of up to $25 per passengers is charged on most of the airline, including both domestic and international airline.
  • On Hotels Booking: We charge a service fee of up to $30 on per night per room basis for all kind of hotels.
  • On car Rental: A nominal service fee of up to $25 is charged per rental.
  • On Vacation Package: Service fees of up to $50 will be charged for booking of online vacation package.


  • As we provide services all over the world, your final payment will be automatically converted into your local currency on your payment page at the time of booking.
  • All the services fees charged by us are non-refundable, and we reserve the right to change them at any time without any notice.
  • The Government imposed tax and fees are also subject to change and it can be changed without any prior notice.
  • You only need to pay the amount shown to you at the payment page.

Certain Exception To The Above Stated Fees

Depending on multiple factors, there are certain exception to the above stated service fees. For your extra security, a service fee of $40 per passenger can be charged for cities with high fraud rates. If you want to change the dates or airports, service fee can be up to $55 per passenger. In certain airlines, booking an airline ticket in First class or Business class will cost you up to $150 per passenger and for multiple city trip, we charge a service fee of up to $100 per passenger.

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