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Frequently Asked Questions

Airport Transfers Questions
What is an airport transfer?
It is the motor vehicle that you can hire for your trip from your home to the airport. You can hire cabs and taxis, one way or round way.
Billings Questions
How long does it take to refund?
If the cancellation is made on the same day as booking, then it will take around 3-5 business days, as the airline verification process completes, the amount will reflect in your bank statement. If the airline allows for the cancellation after the booking day, then it will take 7-14 days for the amount to be reflected in your bank statement. It depends on the airline and bank’s policies.
What are the credit card transaction and currency conversion fee?
Unless otherwise stated, the prices are mentioned in US Dollar, and no extra amount is charged on a US card. If you are having a non-US card, then please check with your bank regarding the transaction and currency conversion charge.
Why have I not received my refund??
In some cases, when the cancellation is made after 48 hours, then the refund totally depends on the airlines’ rules. If approved, it will reflect in your statement in around 10-14 days, in some rare case, refund will take more than 14 days.
How do I obtain a receipt for my travel reservation?
We send an email on your registered email address, once the reservation is confirmed. Along with it, we also send an email with all the details as your e-ticket. However, you can always log-in, go to my booking section and resend the email to you.
In what scenario my request for the refund can be denied?
Every ticket you purchase from our website is 100% non-refundable, unless otherwise stated. Airline has their own rules regarding the cancellation and we cannot over write these rules. Once you request a cancellation, we contact the airline and can only refund if they allow.
Is it possible to change the credit card I used to purchase my reservation?
It is not possible to switch the credit card after the booking is made.
General Questions
Who can I turn to for help once I'm traveling?
Once your journey has begun, it is advisable to get in touch with the Airline or service provider in the city/country where you are situated. You can easily get the toll-free number of the airline mentioned on the ticket or from our website.
What is a “Consolidator Fare”?
Consolidator Fares are generally 20-50% discounted than published fares, they may have similar or more restrictions. Cancellations and Changes are usually more restricted so if you are set on your dates and do not worry about the conditions then book tickets on consolidator fare.
Flight Watcher Questions
What is Flight Watcher?
Flight Watcher is a service that scours thousands of global flights every day to keep you updated of delays, cancellations, and more. We collect data from government agencies, airlines, airports, reservation systems and other sources to give you the most in-depth, accurate, up-to-the-minute information on your flight. Plus, we’ll send you updates right to your email address or mobile phone!.
How can Flight watcher help you?
Flight watcher can help you with many information and notifications such as, Flights delay notifications, cancellation notifications, online check in with just a click on your phone, terminal and gate change alert and information about the weather at the airport..
Do I have the option to schedule alerts to be delivered to my email address or mobile phone?
Yes, you have the option to schedule alert by providing us your preferred contact information and we will send you alert notifications on your email address and mobile phone.
Do you charge for the incoming notification alert? address or mobile phone?
Absolutely no, we do not charge any amount for the incoming text message from the Flight Watcher.
Can I track international flights?
Yes, you have the option to track flights all over the globe as we offer accurate flight tracking in Asia, Europe, North America, Australia and other continents.
Flights Questions
Why does your website show the message "Sold Out" when the flight shows available on the flight listing page?
Airfare changes every minute, depending on the availability and demand. Sometimes when you search and buy, in between these, the flight ticket sold out and airlines then sell these tickets at higher price. We keep an eye on these changes and try our best to keep the inventory in our display as current as possible.
How do I request a special meal for my flight?
You can request a special meal at the time of booking of your flight and you also have the option to call the customer care. The request for special meal should be placed at least 24 hours before the departure and we do not guarantee these requests as these are at the discretion of the airline.
What is infant fare and how can we book an infant fare?
Infant ticket is required for the children of less than 24 months, if travelling outside US. No ticket is required for children travelling within US and having a maximum age of 24 months. Only one infant is allowed per person having a full ticket, where the infant will sit on the lap of the adult. You need to call our customer care for the booking of infant fare as it cannot be booking online.
Can I get an email quote for flights?
The airfare changes throughout the day, depending on the demand and availability. As the fares are not guaranteed until the booking is made, so we cannot quote for flights on email.
How do I select my preferred seats?
You have the option to give your sitting preferences at the time of booking on the ‘Seat Preference’ area. If you have already booked then click on the ‘Request Seat’ link that will appear on the ticket confirmation email send to you. While we sent your preferences to the airline, we do not guarantee it and nowadays, airlines has come up with different policies regarding the seat selection and your seat depends on the acceptance of the airline.
Why did the fare increase when I tried to book my flight?
The airfare changes throughout the day, depending on the demand and availability. The fares are not guaranteed until the booking is made and it might change even during the time you searched for the flight and came to the payment page.
Can I call directly to make a booking?
Yes, you can directly make a booking by calling our customer support executive, which is available24/7 for you.
Are all the government taxes and airline charges included in the airfares listed?
Yes, all the government taxes and airline fares are included in the amount shown to you at the payment page. Your ticket include the base fare of the airline and all other government taxes so you don’t have to pay anything extra than the amount shown to you at the payment page.
Can I hold a reservation?
Airline regulations prohibit us from holding reservations and moreover to book on the price you see on our website, you need to book the tickets immediately as airfares are not guaranteed till the booking is completed.
Can I book an itinerary with a stopover?
Yes, you can book an itinerary with a stopover as many airlines are now providing stopover. Just give a few extra clicks on our website and book you itinerary.
Are the airfares guaranteed?
Airfares can change any minute without any prior notice and so are not guaranteed till the payment is received and booking is confirmed. Sometimes in an unlikely event of any technical error, you might see wrong price on the webpage. In that case, we reserve the right to inform you that correct charge within 3 business days and you will the option to accept the new fares or cancel you booking.
How does seats are assigned at the airport?
Seats are assigned at the airport as first come first serve basis. You are required to reach airport at least 3 hours before the departure time and check-in to get your seat assigned at the airport.
Can I make a name change to my flights tickets?
The booking made should have the exact name of the person travelling, without any nickname; it should be exactly as in the government IDs. With heightened security, the airlines now do not allow any name changes once the booking is made. However, you can call our customer support if you have made some minor spelling mistake and we will assist you accordingly.
What is the refund policy if I have to cancel my flights?
Most of the discounted tickets are non-refundable. These economical highly discounted tickets are also highly restricted and are completely non-refundable. We have documented our cancellation and refund policy on our website; it is advised to read them before making any booking and reach our customer support in case you need any assistance.
How do I travel with an E-Ticket (Electronic Ticket)?
Most of the airlines now allow their passengers to travel using the E-Ticket. All you have to do is to carry any government IDs to the airport (like passport or driving license) and your printed boarding pass to travel with an E-Ticket..
What happens if I miss my flights?
In case you miss your flight, the airline will mark your ticket as ‘No Show’. In that case, neither you will not get refund even with any penalty nor any changed ticket will be provided to you. However, if you are on your way to the airport and there are chances that you might miss the flights then immediately call our customer care so that we can try to avoid any ‘No Show’ situation.
What documents do I need at the airport to go through security?
For domestic flight, you need any one government ID along with your boarding pass. For international flights, you need to passport and visa too as some countries require visa to allow entry to their country.
How to change the date of my flight confirmation page shows the wrong date on my itinerary.
If your flight confirmation page is showing the wrong date on your itinerary, then you are required to contact us immediately so that proper action can be taken and the issue can be resolved.
Hotel Questions
What do I do if the Hotel charges more than the amount in my reservation?
The hotel must accept the rates told to you at the time of booking the rooms. However, if the hotel asks you to pay any extra charge, you can use your reservation printout as evidence at the hotel.
Do I have to do immediate payment for online bookings?
Yes, you are required to provide the credit card number. You will be charged for one night or for your full booking, depending on the terms and conditions of the hotel. In addition to that, you will have to pay an additional amount as our service charge.
Can I take my pet with me into the hotel?
It completely depends on the pet policies of the hotel and we do not have any responsibility about the same. The best way to avoid any unlikely event is to directly contact the hotel and get the details about their pet policies.
What should I do if I have problems checking in at the hotel?
Ensure that you have your booking number on hand. The best practice will be to keep your confirmation page printed and carries that along with you and use that as evidence if any problem arises. If you have a guaranteed reservation, means have provided the credit card number at the time of booking, then the hotel is obligated to find you a comparable hotel with same facility and provide you the transportation cost to that hotel.
Cars Questions
What is the procedure to change/cancel car rental booking?
You can change or cancel your car rental booking by calling our customer support. They will help you with cancellation and medication.
Is there a minimum age requirement to rent a car?
Yes, every car rental company has its age requirement policies. Generally, the companies ask for 21-24 years for their medium range cars and most of the car rental companies require at least 25 years in order to rent luxury cars.
What form of payment do you accept?
It depends on the car rental company. Every car rental company accepts payment from credit card and some company also accept debit card but they charge some transaction amount for the payment. We recommend you to verify all the amount and payment procedure before starting your trip, there is a complete possibility that a car rental company may not accept the payment that we do.
Vacation Packages Questions
What is a vacation package?
A vacation package is a combination of services that include both the flights and hotel, and sometimes even the car rental. These combinations of services are provided at a combined price which is lower than the sum of individual prices.
How do I get the best value for my vacation package?
If you want best value for your vacation package, then you should plan your vacations during non-peak vacation times. Popular vacations are usually most expensive on weekends, leaving on Friday and returning on Sunday will cost you much higher than on weekdays. If you can be a little flexible with your dates, plan your trip during non-peak season.
While making a booking, can I opt for my own choice of flight, hotel or car?
Yes, we have many options available on our website and you can choose from them. In addition to that you can contact our customer support and choose flights, hotels and cars of your own choice and then confirm your booking.
What if I did not get any result for my vacation package search?
Sometimes it happen as we have different combination of packages for many destinations and packages keep changing according to season and popularity. If you did not get any result for your vacation search, then you can contact our customer support to book a personalized package for you.
Can I cancel/modify my vacation package or one portion (air or hotel or car reservation) of my vacation package and keep the other?
Yes you can modify the vacation package but not in parts, if you make change in any one portion then all other portions will also change. Moreover, you cannot cancel one portion of your package, as the price is for the combined trip, you will have to cancel whole trip which depend on various condition.
Do vacation packages need any minimum stay?
Yes, to book vacation package, a minimum stay of 2 days is required.
Travel Protection Questions
Why should I buy the Travel Protection Plan?
There are every possibility that even the best-planned can be ruined or cancelled due to any unwanted condition like sickness, medical emergency, document issue, or delay in flights. It might happen when you are least expecting and cause you lose your ticket investments. So purchasing a travel protection plan, you are securing yourself against the unknown.
What coverage do I have if my luggage does not arrive at my destination?
If your baggage is delayed for more than 12 hours, then we will reimburse you certain amount which can be up to $200. We will also reimburse you up to $50 for expenses incurred during your trip due to return of your delayed Baggage. This coverage terminates upon your arrival at the return destination of your trip.
Is there any coverage for a terrorist incident?
Yes, your insurance plan also covers the terrorist incident that occurs within 30 days of your scheduled departure any city listed in your itinerary during your entire trip.
What travel arrangements are eligible for coverage?
Travel arrangements that are eligible for reimbursements are all the travel arrangements booked through this website and do not include any arrangements that are made outside of this website.
I purchased the Travel Protection Plan, where can I learn more about it?
If you have purchased the Travel Protection Plan from our website and want to know more about it then you can contact our customer support and our travel expert will help you with all your issues.
How do I know if I need a Passport and/or Visa for my travel? What are the required documents and forms?
In most of the cases, you need to have passport and/or Visa only when you are travelling internationally, and any government IDs for domestic travel. You can reach our customer anytime to know more about the documents.
What is the difference between Visa validity and duration?
Validity is the total amount of time in which the document will expire and cannot be used further. Duration is the maximum amount of time one can stay in a particular country. Your document may be valid for 5 years but if duration is 2 months then you will have to come back after two month and then go the same country again.nts.
I have an urgent need for a Passport, what can I do?
As per the requirement, passport processing can be expedited. After providing all the document, one can use ‘Rush’ service where processing days are 3-10, or ‘Emergency’ services can be applied to get processing done within 1-2 business days.

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