Why People Love Flying with Virgin Atlantic Flights

Virgin Atlantic Airways Limited is a British airline with its head office in Crawley, England. The airline was established in 1984 as British Atlantic Airways, and now Virgin Atlantic is certified as a 4-star Airline for the quality of its airport, staff service, and onboard products. Virgin Atlantic focuses on three crucial aspects: inclusivity of different cultures, activism, and a challenger spirit of combating tough times and surfacing as the winner, the motive of Virgin Atlantic is to fulfill the demands of their customers and make their journey smooth and homely.

Pretty popular among aviation as the "small airline with a big personality." Virgin Atlantic has always done things alternatively, smiling to 36,000 feet; Virgin Atlantic has always been at the forefront of fearless commercial aviation. The personality and the language of Virgin Atlantic play a significant role too, and now let's go through the reason why people love to fly with Virgin Atlantic Flights.

But before we proceed with the reasons, let's just see some facts about this "red-tailed" airline.

  • If it were the 90s, you would have been chauffeured by the Virgin Atlantic staff because it is said that in the early 90s, Virgin Atlantic treated each of its upper-class passengers to be chauffeured by a motorcycle ride to the airport. Got the visuals, looked pretty great, right?! Now, upper-class passengers receive a free limo ride instead.
  • You would be surprised to know that Virgin Atlantic Flights flew its customer's cats and dogs from the US to London Heathrow Airport for the first time in 2003, and since then, it has flown 15,000 animals on board, and well, the poop-related disasters are kept hidden.


Here Are Some Reasons You to Know Why People Love to Fly with Virgin Atlantic Flights


Frequent Flyer Program

The Frequent Flyer Program of Virgin Atlantic claims that Flying Club gives you more adventures. Virgin Points, the currency of Virgin Atlantic Flying Club, are loaded with value for a few reasons. First off, they are easy to accumulate and come bearing excellent benefits. Upon registering yourself with a free-flying club account, once done, you will be assigned and will be qualified to start earning and redeeming these points.



When it comes to flying with comfort, passengers are always up for paying for the larger seat and extra legroom. Nowadays, passengers, especially those traveling on a long-haul flight, are searching for comfort and more legroom, allowing sound sleep and taking the weight off their feet. And Virgin Atlantic does precisely like this with its compelling product. On all its plane, the 787, A350, and A330, 2-3-2 is the laid-out configuration. Besides this, Virgin Atlantic offers a leather seat recliner on its planes akin to domestic first class in some countries; this also includes a calf and leg rest while the passengers are sleeping or lounging.


Virgin Atlantic Food

Regarding the lip-smacking food, Virgin Atlantic offers a full meal service to all its passengers on all flights.

The passengers traveling on Upper-class can enjoy a full-service meal in the lounge at the airport even before boarding. While boarding, passengers are welcomed with a welcome glass full of champagne, a hot and cold menu based on the day and the destination where they are headed, along with a luxury table setting. Passengers traveling in Premium Class can enjoy an upgraded meals service, which is popularly known as "a restaurant experience in the sky." passengers can choose from three gourmet meal selections. The Premium class passenger can pick snacks from the Wander Wall, a help-yourself snack station. You can also get a glass of bubbly while boarding, wine with the in-flight meal, or even post-supper coffee. Talk about the option!


Virgin Atlantic In-flight Entertainment

Talk about the in-flight entertainment; Virgin Atlantic offers its passengers a curated selection of hit movies and binge-able television series to enjoy while you are on air. You can also select music from various genres, including a separate entertainment section for kids. Whether passengers are in the mood to party or to even take a small nap, there will not be any missable moments.


Virgin Atlantic Amenity Kit

The UK carrier Virgin Atlantic has taken a further step in its sustainable vision by introducing its latest Amenity kit, especially for its upper class and premium class passengers. It is labeled by the airline as the "most sustainable amenity kit in the sky." The refurbished "freebie" has been put together by Galileo Watermark, an expert in design and creating something exceptional in-flight products. A Bambu Brush toothbrush, REN Clean skincare products, a blackout eye mask, and a pen, most formed from a hard-wearing paper-like, water-resistant, reusable material made from natural materials, are some of the things that are in the amenity kit. There are two kinds of amenity kits, one for the Upper class and one for Economy passengers.


So, Here's a Round-up On Why You Should Choose Virgin Atlantic:

  • You are bent towards a stylish and hip experience other than something more traditional (and arguably higher class, depending on the type of service you are flying).
  • You get to pick from something other than a Boeing 777. There's diversity in the Virgin Atlantic fleet.
  • You are looking for a better lounge experience at the airport. FYI, virgin Atlantic Clubhouses are phenomenal.
  • You want a memorable experience. All thanks to that hot-pink mood-based lights and some ultra-hip vibes,

You may be surprised by how we have made it easy for you for your following flight selection. If you're going to travel on a plane for seemingly endless hours, you want all the perks (and snacks) you can get. Here's your best bet with Virgin Atlantic. Visit the official website, click on www.airowings.com and book yourself that vacation that you have been delaying for years.