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United Airlines Suspends 7 Routes For June

United customers may not be happy with the disrupted June schedule of United Airlines but as things stand now due to aircraft shortages, the United airlines are closing the 7 popular routes for June.

Lots of accounting has to be taken as to why United Airlines suspends 7 routes for June.  Importantly, United Airlines customers flying to Brazil, Europe, Japan, or Hawaii may need to recheck their flight status.

It was supposed to be the United ambitious re-launch plan post covid but has taken a toll leading to further revision of the plan. Let’s look into the chain of actions that inspired the suspension of 7 routes!!

  1. United has already spoken about the relaunch strategy but the delay in the clearance of 52 Boeing 777-200s and 777-200ERs worsens the situation further. Their Pratt & Whitney engine maintenance has been going on since February 2021.

  2. The re-introduction of the P&W fleet simply could not fit the timeline settled by United Airlines. Dates have been changed twice now, from 13 May to 26 May, disrupting the United Airlines June month schedule.

  3. Maintenance is taking longer than expected, thus axing all the United Flights routes to Geneva, Dublin, São Paulo, and Hawaii.


As of now; unforeseen circumstances, countries covid regulations, and fleet maintenance will be suspending the major United Airlines flight routes for June:


  1. Newark (EWR) to Maui (OGG)

  2. Newark (EWR) to Honolulu (HNL)

  3. Newark (EWR) to Tokyo, Japan (NRT)

  4. Washington Dulles (IAD) to Sao Paulo, Brazil (GRU)

  5. IAD Airport to Geneva, Switzerland (GVA)

  6.  Washington Dulles (IAD) to Honolulu (HNL)

  7. Washington Dulles (IAD) to Dublin, Ireland (DUB)


How are Countries Covid Policies Affecting the United Airlines Suspended 7 routes for June?

  1. Though several countries have loosened the covid travel regulations, still many have not. Japan is one of the countries that has not removed those sanctions.
  2. Ireland and Switzerland have already gone back to pre-covid travel regulations.
  3. Vaccinated Americans don’t need to undergo pre-departure covid testing in Brazil.
  4. Ireland has also removed those sets of rules. No post-arrival testing or quarantine.

Note: United continues to fly to the affected cities through other hubs except for Stockholm. For more details on the booking, take customer care assistance or check on the booking app/reservation website.



Those who have already booked with United airlines can rebook their travel through the United Airlines app or customer care but you want to be standing first in the queue rather than last, so better hurry.  Otherwise, whether you have booked the United Airlines reservation on the cash or miles program, your booking is safeguarded by the airline by putting you on another flight.

The Hawaii route undertakes daily flights from Houston, San Francisco, and Los Angeles airports. Travelers heading to Hawaii can connect to those cities.

Sao Paulo travelers can take the flight from United Airlines Houston hub as the airport over there flies nonstop flights to Brazil.

Geneva candidates can hop onto the Newark airport of United Airlines. The base there flies daily one flight to Geneva.

For Dublin, travelers can board from the Chicago United Airlines base.

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