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Top 10 Summer Destinations In US

The first thing that crosses one’s  mind after hearing “summers” is vacation. As exciting or invigorating it sounds, selecting the best summer destination is the toughest task of all. So here we have done the homework for you and picked out some of the places which will make your international trip a memorable one. From budget friendly to luxurious places, we have covered it all- east, west, north and south. Each and every destination is unique in its own way and without any doubt will fill you with excitement. So if you want to spend your summer vacation at some exquisite place, keep scrolling till you know how to reach us!

List of Top 10 Summer Destinations in US



A trip around the arctic circle, yes that dream of spending your vacation around icebergs can definitely be fulfilled here. This place has everything from icebergs to various boat rides which will make your Greenland experience more adventurous and memorable. Other than that if you’re lucky you can spot various aquatic animals like whales, walruses  and many others. This place offers immense daylight and shorter night time, which means it’ll offer you more time to enjoy fun activities. One of the most popular activities here in Greenland is Sledding. The best time to visit Greenland is from July to September.  

Andaman Island


Breaking out from all the hustle-bustle of city life, you can plan a trip to Andaman island which offers calm yet breezy beaches which will take away all your stress. Andaman island is a group of 300+ islands that are stretched from India to thailand. From crystal clear water to mangroves to coconut trees to virgin beaches. Here you can try kayaking, hiking, and swimming. Other than that, you can try Andaman’s exquisite cuisine and breathtaking views. The most popular activity that you can try here is swimming with the elephants. The best time to visit Andaman and its group of islands is from November to May.

Maafushi Island


Maafushi island is one of the most visited and yet one of the less expensive islands among all the islands of Maldives. Other than that, it is also the proposed capital of Maldives archipelago. This island offers a lot of fun activities to do while you’re at it , but sunbathing at this island is what most of the visitors do. One of the most popular activities to do here in Maafushi island is to try snorkelling among the coral reefs. The best time to visit this part of Maldives is throughout the year. 



This place calls for cold weather, the highest temperature that this place crosses is around 20 degree celsius. Wandering around Lima and its places will have  a great and memorable experience imprinted on your mind. The most famous hiking is the Inca trail.  It is a kind of mandate Lima experience, since it is the capital of Peru, the nightlife is worthy of any view too! The most popular thing to do here in Lima is to visit the pyramid at Huaca Pucllana. The best time to visit Lima is from May to september.



Located in the heart of Aegean Sea, it is one of the most famous beaches of the Greek islands, which is also known for its Greek rural villages. The whole town is painted in white, which draws a contrast between the skies and turquoise water. The most popular activity that any visitor does here is visiting the beautiful town of Parikia. The best time to visit Paros is from mid-april to mid-june.



Seychelles is a synonym for a flawless beach paradise. Set in the Indian ocean , it is a 115 islands archipelago with white sand beaches and shimmery coastlines and palm-lined shores. To get the most amazing scenic views of Seychelles, people often hike at Anse Major Trail. The best time to visit Seychelles is either from April to May or October to November.

Amalfi Coast


Popularly known as the coastal gem of Italy, Amalfi Coast  is believed to be a true manifestation of nature. With its picturesque landscape, coastal peaks, dense forest and pastel buildings on the cliff. The Amalfi coast shines bright in the moonlight and wakes up with the first ray of the sun. The most popular activity for the visitors here is to visit the biggest beach on the Amalfi Coast at Positano. The best time to visit here is from May to September.

Teton County


Building the heart and core of the Wyoming state. Teton country is a home to Yellowstone national park. Visitors often visit the National park to admire hot springs, geysers and hot springs. The best time to visit Yellowstone National park is from April to May and September to October.



Located at the core of Provence, Marseille is a beautiful port city that is one of the  most visited ports in France. As trading is one of its main sources of survival, this place is rich in culture and it carries its heritage which is more than 1500 years old. Travellers here often visit and traverse through the old ports that have been in trading business for around 2500 years. The best time to visit Marseille is from June to July. 



Located in the coast mountains, Whistlers in the canada also make one of the most preferred destinations, as it has many options which will give you enough experience of going out, for bear tours. Taking a trip to this town definitely means witnessing the real gem of canada. People here often visit to take a ride in the record-breaking Peak 2 Peak Gondola. The best time to visit this place is from June to August.

So, this summer pick any destination and give a twist to your travelling bug and explore these places for some great experience.

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