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Christmas Flight Deals And Fun Activities

Christmas is a time of dazzling lights, festive cheers, and a wholesome family get-together. The period between Christmas and New York is the most fevered period worldwide. There is no denying Christmas represents a special time of the year. You are surrounded by family, delicious food, presents, Santa, a Christmas tree, a perfect excuse to dress up, and Sparkles, baubles, ribbons, tinsel, and glitter. Such a combination rarely arises. Everyone has their own idea of enjoyment. People working outside the premises of their cities come to their homes for the bigger and gaudy extravaganza and have quality time with their families. Kids' schools remained closed throughout that period. They happily stay awake till midnight, watch evening Christmas movies with their families, decorate a Christmas tree, sing Christmas carols and look out for Santa. Teens favorite things to do are doing a Holiday scavenger hunt, hosting an indoor snowball fight, hosting a holiday party, building a snowman, and going sledding. This article is dedicated to finding you the best 2022 Christmas activities and cheap Christmas flight deals.

Whether you start new Christmas traditions by getting crafty and making unique Christmas ornaments or gathering up your friends and family for an ugly holiday sweater party, we have plenty of Christmas ideas you can use to plan a season full of festive fun! These activities incorporate fun Christmas themes, and the best part is that you can do them whenever you please, during the week, on weekends, and even on Christmas Eve.

Christmas Fun Activities Families, Kids 2022

Christmas Fun Activities Families and Kids

With family, the Christmas activities vibe is another level. From taking a family photoshoot to Christmas tree decorations and hosting a game night, you can pick a bunch of activities to dress the Christmas festive period.

Here is the list of Christmas activities for families, or use them as an inspiration to forge your own fun activities.

  • Take a Holiday Card Photo: Prepare these holiday card photos in advance, so you have enough time to enjoy your festive period. Be as creative as possible, use props in your photoshoot, engage in clever poses, and exercise the full extent of your wardrobe. Then once your holiday card photo shoot is done, use them as finished photos for text messages to your friends, holiday cards, and virtual backgrounds for video calls and emails.
  • Christmas Tree Farm: Christmas celebrations are about being merrier and making memories. Instead of buying your Christmas tree from local mega shopping malls or parking lot stalls, purchase by driving to a Christmas Tree farm. You can hand-select the tree that will look best in your home.
  • A Gingerbread House: A gingerbread house is the perfect Christmas activity for your kid. The specialty of this activity is that you can eat when you're finished! You can find gingerbread kits put on sale in supermarkets. These kits will help your kid build gingerbread houses quite easily, and their structure includes four walls and a roof.
  • A Game Night: A game night with your friends and relatives will elevate the Christmas festive mood. There are lots of games you can think of incorporating. Start the game night with an ugly sweater contest, then move on to games that are friendly to kids and adults, like secret Santa, white Elephants, and jigsaw puzzles. There are plenty of 2022 Christmas activities and cheap Christmas flight deals to start your Christmas celebrations; you just have to look for them.
  • Santa Letters: Christmas celebration is incomplete without Santa Letters. It is an old-age tradition. Making it a part of your kids' holiday celebration is your duty and sets the tone for all your future Christmas celebrations. Use Santa generator letters and templates for 2022 Christmas activities and cheaper flight deals.

Cheap Christmas Flight Deals 2022

Cheap Christmas Flight Deals

Christmas is one of the most popular times of the year for travel. 2022 is no exception, especially as many people skipped out on travel last year. Usually, decking the halls, stuffing the stockings, and trimming the trees is your go-to activity for 2022 Christmas activities and cheaper flight deals. But you can do much more than usual this Christmas period. By traveling to some of the most popular tourist destinations, you can uniquely celebrate Jesus' birthday. You can make your Christmas unforgettable with Airowings's cheap Christmas flights without hurting your wallet. Christmas Day offers several flight deals in December, making it an excellent time to get cheap flights.

First, why are Christmas period flights so expensive?

The festive period usually starts on the 17th of December and goes on till the 6th or 7th of January. That period is the most expensive time to fly as everyone wants to fly, and the airlines have only limited seats. So many airplanes and seats can't compete against the mammoth number of travelers ready to fly at that time. Suppose you have a flexible travel plan and prioritize cheap flight booking. In that case, Airowings suggestion is to book tickets at the start of November or December, so that ticket prices are not that extravaganza compared to the bookings in the festive period. 


How can I get Cheap Christmas Flights?

  • Be flexible with your travel dates. Look into the calendar and book flights on days that offer cheap airfare compared to the rest of the festive days. Or you can book your flight tickets at least 30 days in advance.

  • Subscribe to the frequent flyer programs of the airlines and encash points earned on your travel expeditions for booking cheaper flight tickets. 

  • Try booking flight tickets from less popular airports to score cheaper flights. 

  • Avail subscription to the daily newsletters of the airlines to keep posted about Christmas flight deals. 

  • Book flight tickets early morning, at noon, mid-day, or odd hours where 

  • You have a better shot at last-minute Christmas flight Deals. In the festive period, generally, it is advised against booking at the last minute; however, current market factors and covid have totally changed the dynamics. 


Popular US destinations for Christmas Fun Activities


Things to look out for when booking Christmas flights

  • Use Credit Card Protection: On booking via selected credit cards, you get travel protection that will protect your interest against flight delays, interruption, cancellations, and lost luggage.
  • Fly During Christmas: 2022 Christmas falls on Friday, so most people will be traveling between Wednesday and Friday period and later coming on Monday. Book your Christmas tickets on Monday morning to get the best deals for your Christmas celebration. You can also book morning flights, late-night flights, or red-eye flights on Christmas eve, and you can get less costly flights.
  • Premium classes deals: Those who prefer comfort over cost won't miss out on discounts in premium classes booking. Premium class tickets may be slightly higher, but nothing compared to the comfort of premium class lie-flat seats. Many travelers will push for economy class travel tickets leaving wide room for premium class tickets to go unsold.
  • Go early or late: By booking your Christmas 2022 flights at non-desirable times (early morning, late night, and red-eye flights), you can get reasonable ticket prices as the influx of tourists at that time is relatively low.
  • Alternate Airports: Check around the vicinity of your usual airport departure for alternate airports. The thing is, less popular airports often have lower maintenance costs and happen to provide less costly flight tickets. Though festive season flight ticket prices are more expensive, alternate airports can save you big bucks.
  • Detour: Less popular Christmas spots or destinations, if taken through a combination of plane and road transport, will handsomely reduce your travel budget. For instance, for Christmas celebrations in Rome, rather than direct routes, use a combination of rail and airplane networks to minimize transportation costs.
  • Long lines of passengers: Festive season always brings a commotion of activities, whether it is people-oriented or other. Airport check-in lines are no exception. Expect a long tired line when you fly. We suggest you arrive at the airport before the normal time as there will be a lot of paperwork and many people.

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