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5 Places To Travel To At Nighttime

Travel is done, occurring or coming at night becomes quite a norm nowadays. Often people commute the whole day just to relish nighttime travel as the night has become quite the Absalom for travelers.

Sunset has set in the twilight, the cities glisten in man-made lights, and once dark alleys seen as spooky are transformed into late-night hangouts for the people. Nighttime travel is filled with all kinds of crowds; adults, students, revelers, all sorts of folk let the traveler loose in them. And nighttime travel or evening is usually the sort-out time to go for after days grinding in your job or studies.

There are not so many destinations that are as lively as they are in summer and travelers often make the mistake of selecting them on a whim.  

Peaking the heights of your nighttime travel, we have curated a list of 5 places to travel at nighttime. All 5 destinations are nocturnal and revel in the moonlight, and have lively & exciting life at the night.


Las Vegas

Las Vegas has a certain reputation to it and it’s the one place that revelers come to the most and frequent. The place is lined with world-famous nightclubs and entertainment venues residing in the Vegas hotel and casino strip. Travel is at its peak at nighttime in Las Vegas and conquers some of the magnetic attractions that brisked alight in the night. This American sin city boasts nightlife and is a purple haze of the music industry's top DJs, artists, beat producers, pop culture, and seven days a week you will find DJs entertaining visitors with pulpy and groovy beats all night long.

What can you do here? Partying and clubbing is the most preferred option if you are visiting Las Vegas, one of the 5 most visited places to travel at nighttime. Omnia at Caesars Palace, Hakkasan at the MGM, and Drai’s are the top nightclubs in Las Vegas for clubbing. Asides from partying, take the famous open-top night bus tour of Las Vegas. It is a 3-hour tour and comes with a guide to instill all the information to the passengers about places they are touring. Then there is the Mirage Volcano light show, a helicopter rider giving a mind-boggling night view of Las Vegas, gambling at casinos, or set on a show or concert.


Miami Beach

After dark, Miami beach nightlife is lit up and travelers come like they are moths to the flame. Florida beaches host some of the hottest parties held in the world and are a harbor to the ecstasy of nighttime travelers. Partying and clubbing is the happiest thing to do at Miami beach at night, asides Miami offers theater, nightlife photography workshops, and a 90-minute night bus tour of Miami.

Jazz lovers will be captivated by the live jazz performances happening here. Visit the Le Chat Noir or Ball & Chain to relish the live jazz music along with fine cuisines and wines. Latin lovers can visit the Tropical mango café and can immerse themselves in the Salsa & Bachata sessions. For late-night hangouts, the Art Deco Historic District is a place to hang out. Explorers can explore the place on bikes, buses and it is one of the must-5 places to travel at nighttime. The location resides at Ocean Drive and is lined with art deco-style buildings. 


Bangkok, Thailand


Bangkok has many faceted sights and city life holds the majority of its nightlife, visitors reaching the place will find the ubiquity of street foods, nightclubs, night markets, gigantic shopping malls, cafes, and nighttime attractions. Likewise, the place is equally blessed with daytime tourist attractions but something different hits about Bangkok when night twilight enters, and in a second, you will find night revelers occupying the whole place.

Shopping and eateries are the most adored activities in Bangkok at night. If you are looking for an unpracticed and yet urban eatery, stop at Chang Chui Plane Night Market. Then there is Rot Fai Market and AsiaTique on the Riverfront for shopaholics. And not just the shopping, go and watch the Muay Thai Lives: The Legend show at the AsiaTique Mall depicting hypnotic storytelling. Party mongers can visit the Route 66 club and party all night to the electrifying music.

Still awaiting your nighttime travel, hop on to one of these locations and fill in your share of the nighttime adventure. Business or leisure travel, we ask no questions, book with Traveloview, and get cheap flight bookings for your traveling. 

Tokyo, Japan

Infamous for the yakuza, the capital city of Japan lives and breathes at night. Cafes, sports, food stalls, bars, people chirping, traffic, restaurants, karaoke, nightclubs all sorts never sleep and here the night is an odyssey for travelers and the city says so. Travelers often flocked to this place to eat and shop. It is lined with lights of stunning places that are revealed at night.

There are several places to visit and things to do in Tokyo at night. Start right away to Kabuki Cho, nicknamed the sleepless town, which is filled with host and hostess clubs, love hotels, shops, restaurants, and nightclubs. Then explore Ginza for its impeccable dining, get atop Tokyo tower to view the incredible view under the nightfall. The last stop should be Shibuya and it's quite known for its wild nightlife.


Amsterdam, France

Amsterdam brings nice nightlife to it. This night-owl's destination truly comes to life at night and the adventure starts crawling in abundance. Be it the red light district or the dining in the dark restaurant, Amsterdam brings nuances and novelty to the life of a foot falling under the moonlight. There are several night hangouts to visit in Amsterdam and to learn in revelry. Nightclubs, discos, bars, red light districts, concert halls, restaurants, cafés, and night fervor are open all night in Amsterdam.

There are several places to visit and things to do in Amsterdam at night. For the experience alone, try their concert halls where they blossom at night. Party warriors can go straight to the jimmy woo club and party till dawn. In hindsight, river Amstel is a great place for lovers to cozy up or casually walk down the Amstel River Lane and get lost in its night beauty.


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